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Double-board Certified in Adult, Adolescent and Child Psychiatry, Doctor Kelleher is an Asst. Clinical Professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School where he trains medical students and Residents. He has lectured extensively on Anxiety & Mood disorder, ADD, ASD and Psychosomatic illness with a number of publications on disordered thinking patterns.

He is a Graduate of NUI Ireland. His extensive training included Residency at SUNY Downstate and Pediatric Psychiatry Fellowship at Columbia University where he researched Neurodevelopment Delay Syndromes.

He has served as Medical Director of In-patient and Consultation Psychiatry at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and recently as Medical Director of Adolescent PHP and IOP as well as Consultant on Chemical Spectrum Dependency.

His prime focus is on Therapeutic Clinical Psychopharmacology with supportive insight therapy.


How Stress effects your mood and body!

Stress and  tension from innerconflict,from those around you, & work  can all build up to effect how your mood is felt and create tensions  in muscle and body including headache, tiredness, eye strain. Insomnia etc.


Cognitive talk therapy  combined with correct medication  from a doctor can eleviate  unneccessary suffering.










Depression can feel like you are sinking

Therapy & Medication  can lift you to a new Self

Attention Deficit Disorder

For more information about ADD go to:

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